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Per aspera ad astra [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 Jun 2004|07:06am]

From now on my Live Journal shall be friends only because the llamas say so....if you wish to become my friend comment on here and i'll add you.
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[29 May 2004|02:36pm]

ooooh my world for a llama :o(. so fluffy, so cool, so llama! someone buy me a llama! i shall name him kapernakus and ride him to town everyday :o)
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[27 May 2004|07:16am]
i don't want to go to connex :o(

that is all....
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[27 May 2004|06:33am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Last night ended up going out to revolver with timmy picture the end were fucken awesome! but the gig as a whole got abit boring i dont know maybe im not into hardcore enough but by the agust rein i was pretty bored and tim said time to go so i happily agreed. the beer tasted like absolute dog semen aswell. It was good on the social side of things aswell although i got alot of "i didn't think hardcore was your scene" comments and i just ckinda mumbled incorrherent answers back. there was a pretty big downer on the night that i got a phonecall about though...i wont blab on about it yet i'll wait to see how everything turns out before i open my yap. On my way back i got a 7-11 hotdog which wasn't that bad or maybe anything tasted good after that cat piss beer....i also got a strawberries and ice-cream surpee which are the bomb diggity (looks and cally and rufus "slurpee moment")

speaking of which big happy birthday to cally my new overage drinking buddy lady.....awww baby callyannis LOL

hardcore dancing kinda makes me think of the result of giving monkeys a bunch of speed how they would react.....pretty funnny 2 watch.

I had the most bizarre dream last night......i realy can't be bothered going into it because i'd be typing forever but fuck it was so weird and disturbing yet i found myself forcing myself to stay asleep to sit it out...and getting annoyed when my dad came charging into my room to wake me up.

This weekend is looking to be pretty full and busy so far i think i might just chill at home tonight andsave some energy...my feet still drill from last night sstanding so much.

I shall leave u with this photo probably only timmy will understand......

"we'll be right back"

that is all......

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[26 May 2004|07:20am]
It's too early I can't be fucked going to tafe but i have to to hand in an assignment and shit...the last module was 6 days of teeling us how 2 write a resume...i learnt that shit in year 9....i fail to see how its relevant in an advanced diploma course *sigh* stupid jmc.

Yesterday hung out with tim all day and bumped into many people which was good. I got reminded how how many things i actually didn't remember doing or syaing on saturday night at wez's house warming.......pretty funny stuff. its been quite a while since i've forgotten shit from the night when going to a party.

Might be going to revolver tonight to see picture the end just depends if i can get the pennies for it.

that is all......
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[25 May 2004|06:53am]
Last night sucked! i ended up coming down with a migraine and not being able 2 get 2 sleep and throwing up an urgh...unpretty.......it went away fairly fast compared to normal well enough so that i could sleep but either was it still wasnt fun :'(.

Had an amusing coversation with des in the early hours about "goffiks" and other stupid sub cultures it was good helped me forget i wanted to chop my head off....she forgot to mention the i think most amusing group of people i like to refer to as the "candy goffiks" they seem to be a majority the kind of teenagers that are like "I listen to marilyn manson and nine inch nails, I cut myself and show off the scars, I wear thick black eyeliner and black black clothes, my soul is so black, I'm so depressed hug me." I'm pretty sure most people would have met these kind of people.....i can't help but laugh.

that is all.....
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[23 May 2004|11:17pm]
out of boredom i was through a shitload of old files of mine and found a bunch of demos and just bits and bobs of rust's band as they evolved through out the years i knew from when he left crazytown until now.......it was weird made me happy and very depressed that he had pretty much lived his dream but was destined for alot more....fate is a bitch hey?

that is all....
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[23 May 2004|05:18pm]
what a weekend went really really fast though. thursday night went to the arthouse with timmy and cassie to see the deadthings they were pretty damn awesome indeed....still would have 2 have seen ikon at the tote that night but oh well....

Friday night i went to work at evs which was a really really average gig small turnout and i didnt really enjoy the bands apart form the last couple i was really glad to get out of there.After evs me and mikey went to phil's 20th which was pretty spiffy was kinda weird being sober for the time i was there and watching everyone run around like drunken bafoons....normaly i join them in the drunken antics....was pretty fucken funny though made me think "jesus is that what im like?"...ahh funny.

Saturdya night i went to cancer party first and got pretty damn toasted...was good 2 catch up with everyone ...then i went to wez's house warming which was also quite splendid then waddled home at about 4....pretty good weekend apart form today which was mind numbingly boring.
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[21 May 2004|12:01pm]
I need a drummer nad a bass player they r prepared 2 dress up.
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[20 May 2004|03:48pm]
If you spend your life trying to find yourself then you better be prepared to accept what you might find

[20 May 2004|06:52am]
The Count
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[19 May 2004|04:51am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]


hehehe what a crazy day it was good i needed it. met up with timmy then went 2 peirce is friends tounge webbing. at his house her school called and she pretended t be someone else which seemed all fine at the time however later her dad called and she ignored........soooooooo off she toddled to school and then her bro calls tim all stressed like giving a perfect description of who she left the front of the school with (a greeny blue car) and a guy with green hair and make up(me) so me and tim decided 2 escape the country(town) to go to mexico(ozone)....later on in the day went to glenny to see pikeley and she purchased me cofee and stuff then to me and timmy crab bashing then got crazy fotos.........

after that we bumped into grant and tara around glen waverly then bumped into cat whom i hadnt seen im many a day and caught the bus with her.(away yay yay yay yay yay BIRSH!)
at the end of it all i came home exhausted with the sorest feet ever....ithought it was kind of funny i was discussing how its weird when your body is exhausted but you refuse to go to be and how i had that right now next thing i know im waking up on the couch an hour later that being the last thing i talked about hehehehe the sillyness.

today was good havent had a day that eventful and fun in awhile but now i find in waking up incredibly early because i have alot on my mind.....too much on my mind! it kind aof comes form a mix of paranoia and fear(or maybe just syaing that makes a semi beleivable excuse for myself) which makes me feel very uneasy and i end up over analysing alot fo things and stressing about thing that probably mean nothing.....i really need to stop getting myself in these positions...

ive felt kind of distant from alot of things recently forgetting about the simpler pleasures and stressing over the harder confusions and problems in life....(maybe not so hard if u just look at the form a different angle)....i have to say today really did take my mind off tihngs and i really needed it...i miss those days where i just went out carelessly and killed time and had fun now everythng seems to be tafe this tafe that need a job this need a job that *sigh*

that is all.......

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[18 May 2004|06:53am]
sarzee i see your dancing spidey and raise u http://www-control.eng.cam.ac.uk/~ojw26/dancers.html this!

that is all.....
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bored and tired so i taxed this off Rj [18 May 2004|06:27am]
x.A is for - Age: 20
x.B is for - Boyfriend: hell no
x.C is for - Career in future: to rock the world
x.D is for - Dad's name: ray
x.E is for - Essential item to bring to a party: Booze, ciggies
x.F is for - Favorite song at the moment: at the moment probably bring the pain by msi
x.G is for - Girlfriend: nope
x.H is for - Hometown: ringwood
x.I is for - Instruments you play: Bass Guitar,vox, dabble in guitar and keys
x.J is for - Job title: bum
x.K is for - Kind of Car You Drive: BAHAHAHAHHA
x.L is for - Living arrangement:with my family
x.M is for - Mom's name:June
x.O is for - Overnight hospital stays:none im a good boy healthy :o)
x.P is for - Phobia[s]: aeroplanes, big scary im about 2 bite you mutha fucker dogs
x.Q is for - Question People Ask You:did that hurt?(pointing to my face)
x.R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: nearly 5 months
x.S is for - Sex: male
x.T is for - Time you wake up: 6ish
x.U is for - Unique trait(s): i duno?
x.V is for - Vegetable you love:potato
x.W is for - Worst habit:smoking
x.X is for - X-rays done:my teeth
x.Y is for - Yummy food you make:*shrug*
x.Z is for - Zodiac sign:Leo

that is all....
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[18 May 2004|04:17am]
it is incredibly early *blinks* my eyes hurt but i can't sleep.....i think i shall miss tafe today...yesyesyes.......hey its a robot holiday im allowed to.

went and got coffee with tim today it was oldschool twas good too both catch up with him and the coffee ladys at box hill.

BIRSH!BAHAHAHAHHAA what a call *trips over random shit on ground*

that is all.......
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[17 May 2004|09:36pm]
Robin Hood Tavern Piki-turesCollapse )

Here are some piki-tures from saturday night enjoy kiddies and kitties.

that is all...

P.s Rj is a hack and dav is not emo kiddie....stupid pike
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[17 May 2004|06:13am]
Had a really cool weekend went realy fast though which shows i must have had fun. Fridaynight went to the greenroom and all.
Saturday i just cruised around the house doing alot of nothing then played in frankston that night. I got lightly toasted before w eplayed it was awesome really cheap drinks for bands. I had dave help me with vocals and i must say he did an awesome job....that man has a set of lungs and a half ....good work bro :o). after that pissed of into the night then sunday just sat around and relaxed all day.

Got some pretty fucked up news on sunday though that the vocalist from my friends band passed away after gettign hit by a car on the weekend. I didn't know the dude to well but he seemed like a nice guy and my condolences go out to the emebers of demonium. It really puts things in perspective hearing about people dying so young...makes you realise how fucken short life can really be.....a pretty scary thought really.
that is all....
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taxed off cally [15 May 2004|05:41pm]
I ____ Alannis.
Alannis is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Alannis, I would _______.
Alannis has ______.
I think Alannis should _____.
Alannis needs ______.
Alannis will never ______.
I want to _________ Alannis.
Alannis can ______ my _______.
when i think about Alannis, I ______.

that is all......
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[15 May 2004|07:49am]
Last night was rather cool. Went and saw the seed machine at the green room was good 2 catch them live again have seen the in quite some time. This menat i got to catch up with the boys..timmy (window goes up....window goes down) my chubby friend porkchop(whom i havent seen in like 1 million years), Dave-E-Dave(whom never ceases to make me piss myself laughing), Loz hayley(whom i also havent seen in 10 billion years), sez and ezzmomamomomomomomamomomomomamomo(etc) and others of my old buddies its weird we are all grown up now except for jon who snuck in bahahahahah! ended up gettign a lift home with loz timmy and hayley(go the lion king)all in all was an early\somewhat sober but extremly fun night.

I had some really bizarre dreams last night like multiple weird dreams not so much disturbing weird just kind of....odd.

My parents have gone away to tassie for the weekend i must admit it makes me kind of nervous as they are flying there and i have a big fear of aeroplanes not only if i have to get one but when someone i know does. But it shall all be good.

Playing tonight at the hood in frankstoner should be good although its a small place its coesy and nice and we get to tear shit up with our good mates be9ine who are just a top group of guys to watch, play with and hang with. and the fact that i love performing and its overage which means booze a hoyhoy.

that is all.......
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[14 May 2004|08:16am]
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